What this bill does: 

  • This bill allows people who receive gender affirming care before the age of 18 to sue the doctor who provided the gender affirming care for money damages “for an injury or condition suffered as a result of the procedure.”
  • This bill would allow these lawsuits to be filed for 20 years after the person turns 18.
  • Most personal injury claims have damage caps under Alaska law – you can only get $400,000 for the most serious injuries. This bill would remove the caps for this type of lawsuit, so an individual could sue for millions of dollars in pain and suffering damages.

What this bill does not do: 

  • This bill does not ban gender-affirming care.
  • This bill does not create any criminal liability for providing gender-affirming care.
  • This bill does not create automatic civil liability for providing gender-affirming care or a presumption that this care is automatically harmful.
  • This bill does not create any consequences for a doctor’s licensure or ability to practice medicine related to providing gender-affirming care.


Representative Allard





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