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State employees: I have your backs

The Department of Law, where I worked, was asked to resign & pledge loyalty to the incoming governor. This despite the fact that the oath lawyers take when admitted to the bar requires us to support & uphold the constitutions of Alaska and the United States — not to bow before a king or a dictator.

August 13, 2019

Senators Wise to Think Deeper About SB 91 Repeal

Senators acknowledged what most legislators and engaged members of the public can clearly see from the data provided by the Dunleavy administration during legislative briefings — the system we had before SB 91 didn’t work, so just repealing the bill and going back to that system isn’t the answer.

March 18, 2019

Alaska Governor's Mass-Firing of State Workers Violated the First Amendment

Days after being elected governor of Alaska, Michael Dunleavy requested resignations from more than 1,200 at-will state employees. Those who didn’t resign were later fired. This kind of political retaliation against non-political state workers is an attack on the very foundations of free speech

January 18, 2019