HB 183 states that a student who participates in an athletic team or sport designated for girls, “must be female, based on the participant's biological sex as either female or male, as designated at the participant's birth.”

HB 183 would allow for an athlete's birth certificate to establish the sex assigned at birth, but only if the sex was designated at or near the time of birth. The bill otherwise provides no guidance for how schools should implement the requirements, which adds to the risk that students’ rights will be violated through invasive exams or disclosure of sensitive health information.

HB 183 is a carbon copy of SB 140, which Alaskans roundly rejected in 2022. The legislature should not be taking up bills that their constituents have demonstrated they oppose.

HB 183 works to codify the August 2023 decision by the Department of Education & Early Development to prohibit trans girls from participating in school sports across the state of Alaska.

This bill violates Equal Protection Clauses in the Alaska and US Constitutions. Public schools cannot single out LGBTQIA2S+ students for negative treatment.

This regulation is in violation of privacy rights. Requiring birth certificates is a violation of the constitutional privacy rights of Alaskan children.


Rep(s) Allard, McKay


Passed House



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