Arguing Alaska: Political Correctness Debate

October 24, 2016 @ 5:30 pm 7:00 pm

It's back! Join us for the last event of Banned Books Week 2016: another robust Arguing Alaska debate around a controversial topic. Alaska Senator Mike Dunleavy and Editor of the Anchorage Daily Planet Paul Jenkins will argue for the motion "Political Correctness has compromised free thought in American Universities" while Dr. Diane Hirshberg, Director of the Center for Alaska Education Policy Research, and Dr. Daniel Kline, Director of the UAA Department of English, will debate the opposition.

This debate is at Monday, October 24th at 5:30. Tickets are on sale now starting at $15.

The Arguing Alaska Debate Series is an initiative started by the Seawolf Debate Program and Alaska Dispatch News to promote positive community discourse on topics of extreme importance to the Alaskan community. Debates occur between members of the community such as policymakers, academics, and specialists.

Proceeds from the tickets of each event go to support the Seawolf Debate Program and its robust commitment to service and competitive excellence