On the final day of the regular session of the 2024 Alaska Legislature, the crime omnibus bill passed both the House and Senate. Read the ACLU of Alaska's in depth analysis of the HB 66 here. 

Statement from Megan Edge, Prison Project Director for the ACLU of Alaska, on HB 66:  

“HB 66 is a misguided attempt to address horrible issues that have long plagued our state. Alaska has tried to incarcerate its way out of the opioid epidemic, and the mental health crisis. These efforts have failed. The passage of this bill means those suffering from addiction will continue to struggle to find safe places to detox and receive treatment, and the most severely mentally ill will fall through the cracks. The legislature must find ways of making our communities safe and help Alaskans live healthy, safe lives without taking away our constitutional rights. The legislature must meet the needs of the people, instead of penalizing them for having a need. Passage of HB 66 is a failure of the legislature to prevent harm and tragedy and to uphold Alaskans’ constitutional rights."