Dear fellow Alaskan,

As the promise of more light is right around the corner, I am excited about what is to come in the next few months for our families and neighbors. 

After a very active election season, we can take a breath knowing that Alaska’s constitutional rights are safe, for now. Around the country, Americans spoke loudly in defense of the hard-fought right to abortion – and we prevailed. During the midterm elections, abortion inspired voters to surge to the polls and in doing so, abortion saved democracy.  

Alaskans spoke just as loudly when we voted to preserve our Constitution. More than 70 percent of voters rejected a constitutional convention. We protected our right to privacy, to a public education, to equal protection, to abortion, to an independent judiciary, and so many more values we cherish as Alaskans. 

Even as we pause to reflect on our successes these last few months, we know there is much more work ahead to make sure that all Alaskans are safe, free, and equal. Our prison project continues to call for accountability and transparency in light of a record number of deaths in the prison system. Our advocacy department is gearing up to make sure our civil rights are protected during the upcoming legislative session. Our new legal director continues to grow our legal power by expanding our case docket and partnerships with attorneys across the country.  

Looking ahead to 2023, we are excited and hopeful for more advances for civil liberties in our great state. We remain committed to work with you to protect the rights of all Alaskans so that students are safe in our schools, people are safe in our institutions, and every vote counts in every one of our elections. 

I hope your days this season are filled with laughter, warmth, and good health.