In a final judgment, the Alaska Superior Court has ordered the state to restore $334,700 in FY21 funding to the court system by the beginning of January. Governor Michael Dunleavy attacked the courts two years in row in retaliation for an Alaska Supreme Court ruling at odds with his personal views.

In October, the court ruled Governor Dunleavy’s unprecedented vetoes were unconstitutional. The Dec. 2 judgment marks the end of a years-long battle to remedy the Governor’s brazen actions against Alaska’s independent judiciary, the separation of powers, and women’s healthcare.

However, the ACLU of Alaska is preparing for more legal action by the state, which would prolong an already overdue course correction to fix the damage done by Alaska’s highest official.

“Throughout this case the state has spent countless resources defending the Governor’s disregard for the Constitution, the principles of this nation, and the civil rights and liberties of the people.  We hope he will respect the court’s ruling by restoring funding in the timely manner as ordered. The cost of his unwillingness to do right by Alaskans is reflected in the unnecessary strain this drawn-out legal process has caused on an already overburdened state system and budget,” said ACLU of Alaska Executive Director Joshua Decker.

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