Alaska voters have chosen to protect our fundamental rights and are overwhelmingly saying no to a constitutional convention. While the state completes its count of all votes from across the state, it is clear that we have stood together to protect students and education, reproductive freedom, and public employees and their retirement. Alaskans have come together to keep politics out of the courtroom, government out of our business, and outside interests from determining our futures.

As we celebrate this vote, we know the work isn’t done. The fundamental rights we just protected at the ballot box will continue to be the focus of attack in our state legislature and local assemblies. The same interests that pushed for a constitutional convention for the purpose of fulfilling their personal agendas will surely come for our freedoms. We will be ready. We are Alaskans and our message is clear -- we must protect our rights, our constitution, and our democratic institutions. We stand up for each other because we are creating a more perfect union – one where every Alaskan is safe, equal, and free.