We support legislation would take steps to make Alaska’s elections more inclusive, further the right to vote, and improve the democratic process. 

The right to vote is fundamental, enshrined in both the Alaska and United States constitutions. We work to ensure that Alaskans can exercise this right in policy and practice, and we believe our elections need to be secure and fair for all voters, regardless of political affiliation, geography, and personal circumstance 

Not all Alaskans enjoy equal access to the ballot, especially rural, Alaska Native, and voters requiring language assistance. The legislature should advance effective policy and conduct oversight to address observed inequities.   

We can all agree that our elections need to be secure and fair, and we support measures that establish effective, evidence-based safeguards that do not have a disenfranchising effect. 

Pursuing integrity in elections also requires focusing on reasons why people cannot vote and eliminating well documented barriers to the ballot box.  


Senate State Affairs Committee





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