In Alaska, 40-year-old restrictions on clinics forced women who needed to terminate a pregnancy after the 1st trimester to leave the state in order to obtain the care they needed. Along with Planned Parenthood and the Center for Reproductive Rights, we filed a lawsuit to challenge the restrictions and allow woment to make their personal, private decisions without governmental interference.

As a direct result of our lawsuit, the Alaska Medical Board rewrote the outdated, unnecessary, and unconstitutional regulations. Healthcare professionals can now provide the care their patients need right here in Alaska, allowing every woman—regardless of her age, location, or income—to exercise her constitutional right to make the reproductive choice that is best for her without governmental intrusion into her personal, private decisions.

We are pleased that the Alaska Medical Board did the right thing and made changes that removed barriers to high-quality healthcare for thousands of Alaskans, especially those who are most vulnerable. As always, we thank you for your support: our critical work of expanding and protecting Alaskans’ most basic rights isn’t possible without your help.

Date filed

November 30, 2016


Superior Court



Case number