ACLU of Alaska Action Network

The ACLU of Alaska Action Network is a group of dedicated, passionate, active advocates committed to building a more just, more free Alaska. We started this network because we know that the fundamental changes we need in this state will be more possible and more long-lasting if we fight for them together.

We see the Action Network as a long-term, growing, and sustained effort to guarantee our civil rights and liberties through community action. Alaskans have supported our work for a long time. Now, we want to use our resources to help organize and empower people to create systemic change, hold their government accountable, and find community.

What does the Action Network work on? Right now, our greatest in-depth projects center on reforming Alaska’s carceral system and police accountability in Anchorage. We recently started groups meeting bi-weekly to advance that work, and will devote a significant amount of our time developing these campaigns in the coming months. We will also be engaged in the Constitutional Convention question on the November ballot. But that doesn’t mean we don’t work on other issues or rise to the occasion when we need to.

How does the Action Network fit in with other groups? We started the Action Network knowing that a lot of other groups, formal and informal, organize and have been organizing for a long time on issues that are part of our mission. We expect a lot of people who sign up for the Action Network are involved with these groups, or in their communities in other ways. Our goal is to complement, not compete, and make sure we’re doing our part to build power. Action Network members should expect us to uplift and share opportunities to participate in other groups’ work when it’s working toward the same goal.