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  1. K.L. vs D.M.V.

    July 18, 2011CaseLGBT Rights
  2. Alaska Civil Liberties Union v. State of Alaska

    October 28, 2005CaseLGBT Rights
  3. Alaskans for a Common Language v. Kritz

    November 2, 2007CaseFree Speech, Alaska Native Rights
  4. ACLU Selects 2015 Joan Hamilton Memorial Scholars

    October 14, 2015News updateAlaska Native Rights
  5. Nick v. Bethel

    February 16, 2010CaseVoting Rights, Alaska Native Rights
  6. Alaska v. Ivan

    February 11, 2013CaseAlaska Native Rights, Freedom of Religion
  7. SB 89: Parental Rights in Education

    March 24, 2016LegislationReproductive Rights
  8. SB 191: Limit Abortion Service Providers in Schools

    March 16, 2016LegislationReproductive Rights, Free Speech
  9. HB 30: Constitution Curriculum in Schools

    February 27, 2015Legislation
  10. HB 96: Collection of Biometric Information

    February 4, 2015LegislationPrivacy


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