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  1. SB 89: Parental Rights in Education

    March 24, 2016LegislationReproductive Rights
  2. SB 191: Limit Abortion Service Providers in Schools

    March 16, 2016LegislationReproductive Rights, Free Speech
  3. Alaska v. Planned Parenthood of Alaska

    November 2, 2007CaseReproductive Rights
  4. Planned Parenthood v. Alaska

    July 22, 2016CaseReproductive Rights
  5. Planned Parenthood v. Streur

    August 27, 2015CaseReproductive Rights
  6. Victory for Reproductive Rights!

    August 27, 2015News updateReproductive Rights
  7. HB 352: Limit Abortion Services Providers in Schools

    February 24, 2016LegislationReproductive Rights
  8. Alaska Supreme Court Strikes Down Parental Notification Law

    July 22, 2016News updateReproductive Rights
  9. ACLU Statement on HB 156 Becoming Law

    July 28, 2016News updateFree Speech, Reproductive Rights
  10. HB 192: Parental Rights in Education

    April 11, 2015LegislationReproductive Rights, Free Speech


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