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  1. ACLU again calls for impeachment of President Trump

    January 13, 2021News update
  2. Gaveling in: What we're watching in session

    February 3, 2021News update
  3. HB 66: Expanding voter access

    March 1, 2021LegislationVoting Rights
  4. Playing defense and fighting for more; what’s happening with the Legislature

    March 12, 2021News updateVoting Rights, Reproductive Rights, Criminal Justice Reform
  5. SB 39: The voter suppression bill

    February 23, 2021LegislationVoting Rights
  6. SB 14: Attack on Alaska's independent judiciary

    February 12, 2021Legislation
  7. SJR 4: Undermining the right to reproductive healthcare

    March 1, 2021LegislationReproductive Rights
  8. HB 118: Expanding prisoner access to computers

    April 6, 2021LegislationCriminal Justice Reform
  9. HB 103: House Rules for Assisted Living Homes

    April 14, 2021Legislation
  10. ACLU of Alaska requests Court rules to protect the First Amendment rights of state employees

    April 19, 2021News update