American Civil Liberties Union of Alaska

Because Freedom can't protect itself

  • Freedom to Marry at the Supreme Court

    On Tuesday, April 28, the Supreme Court heard four equal marriage cases, two of which the ACLU was co-counsel on. Listen to the audio of the arguments and sign our petition in support of equality for all.

  • Alaska Supreme Court Rules That Alaska Tax Law Treats Same-Sex Families Unfairly

    The ACLU won before the Alaska Supreme Court, which ruled that Alaska cannot discriminate against same-sex couples by denying them equal access to a tax exemption for senior citizens and disabled veterans. Learn more.

  • ACLU of Alaska Questions Legality of Proposed Alcohol Ordinance

    The ACLU of Alaska sent a letter to the Anchorage Assembly about its proposed "3 strikes" plan to restrict alcohol sales to chronic visitors of the city's sobering center. Our letter points out that the city's rule would violate privacy laws and make Anchorage less safe. Read more here.

  • Landmark Win Against the NSA's Surveillance Program

    On Thursday, May 7, the Sixth Court of Appeals ruled that the NSA's phone-spying program (first exposed two years ago by Edward Snowden) is illegal. Read about why the win is significant here and sign our petition to tell Congress to protect Americans' privacy.